Did you know that the average English-speaking adult knows around 25,000 words? If you’re reading this, I’m sure that you’re a logophile like me and are remotely interested in expanding your vocabulary. I have subscribed to multiple “word of the day” sites, however, they seem to run on a loop and the words cannot fit into my everyday vocabulary. Do you agree with me?

Do you have trouble fitting dickcissel into your everyday speech? Unless you’re an ornithologist, this migratory black-throated finch probably won’t fit. How about a battu? I think that only classical dancers would converse about this and I have reason to believe they may be the only ones that talk about a port de bras, as well. As sweet as zabaglione is, I only see Food Network chefs talking about it.

How do we solve this problem? Easy, pick up a lexicon! Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary has 165,000 entries for you to sift through to find out which ones will be most useful to your life; and you thought War and Peace was a marathon read? If you have the time to do this, I’m jealous!

The purpose of this blog is to introduce words that will be useful to expanding the average vocabulary. Think about words like desultory, quotidian, and apostasy. These are all words that could find their way into everyday language without sounding too pretentious. If you’re looking to legitimately increase your vocabulary, follow us for a while and you should see a jump on those “college” words. The next problem to tackle will be avoiding loquacity.